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Peace Cranes

I have always admired the Japanese tradition of origami – those teeny tiny pieces of paper folded to create beautiful birds, flowers and animals are awe inspiring – but I have never managed to successfully fold anything more intricate than an envelope. That all changed however, when I decided that Freedom House should be the […]
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Shan New Year Celebration

Shan New Year was celebrated Nov. 17 this year.  It is on a lunar calendar and is now the year 2104.  So this year at Thai Freedom House we got to celebrate 5 New Year Days!  The traditional Western Jan. 1, then the Chinese New Year, Thai New Year and finally the Shan New Year; […]
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Krissy's Thai Travelogue!

After a long flight from Germany to Thailand, I finally arrived in Chiang Mai on the 5th of September, excited but nervous at the same time. I did not know what to expect, how the work would be in such a different country and how the students would behave, so I entered Freedom House on […]
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