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Teaching and Learning English As A Second Language

When we were kids we all learned to speak a language in a very natural way. We listened to our parents who spoke to us with very high voices, saying “oetsiekoetsie” and things like that. After a while we began to use our own voice, making different kind of sounds, and at the age of […]
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YOGA! with Mel

At Thai Freedom House we not only stretch our minds but our bodies with periodic yoga classes with visiting yoginis!  This time Mel Cambell who teaches yoga at Wild Rose Yoga Studio and Sauna in Chiang Mai (right around the corner from us) came by with her daughter to give us a good stretch, […]
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Visiting Free Bird Cafe

Hi there– I am sitting in my favorite and most colorful cafe’s in all of Thailand, Free Bird Cafe. I am spending time here Mentoring clients and Coaching an Interior Design Company in Bangkok. It’s the perfect office with children’s paintings every where, art work, toys and the dreams of hopes of children painted on […]
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Recycling Workshop

Here at Freedom House we recycle a lot. Nothing will end in the trash can. For everything we’ll find a next purpose. Back at home, for us that’s Holland, we wouldn’t think about saving a broken parasol. Why save it if you don’t use it anymore…? Just buy a new one! During our trip trough […]
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Putting Studies into Action

University is great. It educates us, it gives us the credentials to work good jobs and do great things with our lives, it looks good on our resume. But how long can you sit in a classroom in the middle of nowhere Ohio and actually learn about the conflict and strife in Africa, or Mecca […]
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