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     On Dec. 5 we had a unique opportunity to visit an organic farm project outside of the city limits.  It was set up by an organization called NEED Network for Education and Economic Development.  They came to our school on Friday evening and talked to our students about their idea of agriculture and […]
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Homemade Books

Last week we made some books with the students: After a few lessons about food, playing games with words and making worksheets, we thought: let’s do something else! So we made a food-book with the students. The students looked in magazines and cut out food-pictures. They had to stick it on the right page: drinks on drinks page; […]
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Baby Sunday

This is Apyou and his son Atit (Sunday).  His wife died a couple of months ago and since then he has not had anyone to watch the baby while he goes to work so he lost his room and was living in a plastic makeshift tent when I saw him selling flowers in a bar […]
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