How Are We Funded?

Thai Freedom House is not affiliated with any Government or Religious organization. The school’s management team relies solely on the generosity of the general public and the school’s founder to run the programs. This includes rental of the learning center and utilities, up-keep of center and grounds, volunteer coordination and training, management, transportation of students to school and back and a daily snack of fruit and milk. Along with basic school supplies and art materials it adds up.

It is true that living expenses are lower in a country such as Thailand compared to living in Western countries but we have many people to look after and the daily expenses can be more than you would imagine. If we are to sustain our current projects and expand our programs to meet the growing demands of our students and community we need your help.

For instance, you can set up a monthly bank draft of a specific amount such as $25,50 or 100 USD to be automatically transferred to Thai Freedom House’s account. That way you are making a sustainable difference in the lives of children and adults that have no other way to escape the constraints of their current situation.

As we stand now we are unsure of our funding each month, constantly having to adjust our programs to fit the constraints of our budget. If we had monthly bank draft’s coming in that we could rely on we could provide a more stable program and services for our students.

In the past we have had to close our doors for a month at a time because of the lack of stable income and we don’t want to do that again. We have a commitment to our students to provide them with a constant education and we do not want to let them down.

Literally every cent helps us stay open every day.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and consider making a donation now through our secure on-line server.

At the moment, Thai Freedom House is funded by individual donations from the kind public and our founder.  We have also opened a not-for-profit cafe on the site of the school in May of 2009.  Free Bird Cafe is a wonderful interface with the local community, providing income for the school and involvement from the locals including foreigners and Thai’s. It serves as a community forum holding events to involve and increase communication between these very segregated sectors of society.  The cafe also supplies jobs and training for our adult students.

As you can imagine, with all of our activities-on and off site, we are constantly in need of funding, the monthly donations and cafe profits never cover our expenses and we are in desperate need of regular, long term donors.  If you are interested in making a regular, monthly donation you can help to keep our vital programs open and hopefully in the future allow us to expand and help even more people.  For instance:

25USD a month will provide fresh soy milk to all of our young students everyday.

50USD a month will provide basic school supplies for 2 weeks.

100USD a month will provide safe transportation to and from the learning center everyday for our students in a hired van.

200USD a month will support our monthly utilities costs including internet for use in the classroom and office.

300USD a month will support our art and culture curriculum including occasional field trips and involvement in local art and culture activities.

400USD a month will cover our rent expenses.

As you can imagine, the running of a learning center requires a lot more than that but that is a sample of how you can help.

You can also make a one time donation or a donation as a special gift in someones name and of course in memory of a loved one.

Thank you for your generosity  and kindness,

The Thai Freedom House Family

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