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Maybe you cannot stop or adjust your life and come to Thailand right now to volunteer but you can do something to help these children immediately by helping to keep Thai Freedom House’s doors open as a refuge for these children who really have no where else to go.

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Thai Freedom House is not just a learning center, it is a safe place where these children who live adult lives in the day can go and really be kids. The burdens they carry at home are released and they are encouraged to be playful and relaxed, to explore and learn. What we aim to provide for them is some sort of stability that they are lacking at home and in the rest of their lives.

To provide that feeling of support we need to be stable ourselves. In our case that requires financial stability, if we could get at least 100 people to pledge 25USD a month (automatic bank draft) we would be secure in our future.

For 2,500USD a month we can fully operate providing safe transportation to and from school for 50 students; children and young adults; a healthy snack and fresh soy milk, fruit and nuts everyday and quality educational materials and outings that will help them grow mentally and physically. It would also allow us to pay Thai staff to travel to the construction camps (off site) and teach large groups of refugees Thai Language skills. (All teachers on site are volunteers.)

If you can’t make a long-term commitment to subscribing but would like to become a friend, 100USD will provide fresh soy milk, fruit and nuts for one month for our young students, 200USD will provide safe transportation to and from the learning center for our students or 500USD would pay our rent for a month. Any amount donated will go directly where needed most including school supplies, art materials, rent for our building and emergency assistance when needed.

If you would like to give used or new electronic items those are welcome as well. We need laptop computers for classes, used cell phones for volunteer use and used digital cameras for documentation projects.  These can be securely sent to our postal box here.

As we stand now we are unsure of our funding each month, constantly having to adjust our programs to fit the constraints of our budget. If we had enough monthly bank draft’s coming in we could provide a more stable program and services for our students.

In the past we have had to close our doors for a month at a time because of the lack of stable income and we don’t want to do that again. We have a commitment to our students to provide them with a constant education and we do not want to let them down.

Literally every cent helps us stay open every day.

Thank you for taking the time to read our plea and consider making a donation now through our secure on-line server.

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