Baby Sunday

This is Apyou and his son Atit (Sunday).  His wife died a couple of months ago and since then he has not had anyone to watch the baby while he goes to work so he lost his room and was living in a plastic makeshift tent when I saw him selling flowers in a bar at night.  I wondered where the mother was because I remember her selling flowers when she was pregnant and he told me that she had died of a heart problem in the hospital but he didn’t know anymore details than that.  He doesn’t have any family to help him because he ran away from the Burmese army when he was 10 and they took him to be a soldier, he hasn’t been back since.  His wife’s family is far away and he does not know how to contact them.
He also has a 9 year old son in a missionary school in Chiang Dao and he is trying to save up enough money to go and tell him that his mother is dead.
Currently he is living in the store room at Thai Freedom House  and we are supplying him with food and formula for the baby but he desperately wants to work, he can garden and do construction; if you know anyone who might have a job for him please let me know.  Also, we need help supporting him until he is on his feet again, if you or someone you know would like to help with formula expenses or has anything for a 4 mo. old baby boy you can drop it off at the school on Moon Muang, Soi 7, Chiang Mai, across from Wat Lam Chang.
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Thank you

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