How to start your internship in a ‘spiritual’ way

-Pick your chores checklist
-Take a good look at what you’ve got: with paper in hand, consider the tasks you’ve written on your chores checklist so far. –
-What supplies are needed to complete this task? Will double the amount of supplies be needed to be most efficient?, etc.
-Consider the details
-One more thing… Aim for improvement, not perfection. Look at your household chore checklist because your home is in a disastrous mode right now. … it’s measurable and tangible and gets everyone more excited about the whole process of doing house chores.
from <Household Chores Checklist- It’s Not Magic!>

Read the list above. This is the main reason why I’ve never read self-help books. As far as I concerned, self-help books tend to lower self-esteem and make you feel bad about yourself: not doing chores “efficiently”, for instance. To be honest with you, I’ve never spent ‘enough’ time for doing for house chores in the past. If I could I came up with a dozen of excuses why I can’t do the chores right now: I’m busy with work, studies and volunteering. Don’t forget that I have a lot of important people to catch up with as well as important social gatherings to attend!

For a change I’d decided to listen to the wisdom from the world of self-help. I thought it’d be a good way of remarking a healthy and balanced life in Thailand. So as soon as I arrived in Freedom House, I started my internship from the most difficult personal task: cleaning. The Teacher’s room was filled with files, paper, art supplies, cooking utensils. During the first few days at Freedom House I threw myself into the dust.

-First of all, take a good look at what we don’t want to have. I threw away all the junk into the garage.
-Second, sort out things based on the types of items they are.
-Third, focus on cleaning big furniture first in order to create space for storage.
-Fourth, buy a pretty bookshelf. It is sky-blue ( Pink would have been too much).
-Fifth, it was time for the details. Sit down and go over all the materials, piles of hand-outs for English and art classes. -Sixth, place them into files and folders based on topics and levels.
-Last, aim for improvement, not perfection.

Cleaning is probably one of the most visibly satisfying jobs I’ve done at Freedom House. When you’re not sure where the best place to start doing things on the first day of volunteering, starting with a big cleaning and organizing day is ‘measurable’ and ‘tangible’ ways to start your internship. When you’re done, take a good photo of the room and your excessively sweaty back.

It is a definite possibility that cleaning marked a good start for my healthy, balanced and spiritual life that was so hard to achieve back home. If there are any people out there who are a bit obsessive-compulsive about cleaning, organizing and sorting things out, volunteering at Freedom House can be a great place to release your inner desire for chores.

warm regards,

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