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The Living Conditions of Burmese Refugees in Thailand

Burmese refugees face an uphill struggle as they try to rebuild their lives inside Thailand. Discrimination, exploitation and a lack of education means most refugees are subjected to a live of poverty, hardship and general unhappiness. Crossing the border may bring respite from the oppressive Burmese regime, but it is far from a path to freedom for Burmese refugees in Thailand. Instead, in Thailand, a lack of human security is replaced with workplace exploitation, gang violence and police harassment.
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Watershed: Burma News Update

Two weekends ago, after class on Thursday night at Freedom House, I boarded an overnight bus to Bangkok for the weekend (screening Rocky, dubbed in Thai). When I returned to the street of the guesthouse I was staying at on Saturday, there was a cluster of people clogging traffic that turned out to be a […]
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Review: Burma VJ

If you haven’t heard about Burma VJ yet – start now! This new documentary film has been gaining increasing recognition at film festivals, in newspapers, and in word on the street. Composed of hours of footage from small handycams captured by young guerilla journalists in Burma, the documentary offers one of the few close looks […]
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