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Baby Sunday

This is Apyou and his son Atit (Sunday).  His wife died a couple of months ago and since then he has not had anyone to watch the baby while he goes to work so he lost his room and was living in a plastic makeshift tent when I saw him selling flowers in a bar […]
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Teaching and Learning English As A Second Language

When we were kids we all learned to speak a language in a very natural way. We listened to our parents who spoke to us with very high voices, saying “oetsiekoetsie” and things like that. After a while we began to use our own voice, making different kind of sounds, and at the age of […]
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Visiting Free Bird Cafe

Hi there– I am sitting in my favorite and most colorful cafe’s in all of Thailand, Free Bird Cafe. I am spending time here Mentoring clients and Coaching an Interior Design Company in Bangkok. It’s the perfect office with children’s paintings every where, art work, toys and the dreams of hopes of children painted on […]
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Putting Studies into Action

University is great. It educates us, it gives us the credentials to work good jobs and do great things with our lives, it looks good on our resume. But how long can you sit in a classroom in the middle of nowhere Ohio and actually learn about the conflict and strife in Africa, or Mecca […]
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Shan New Year Celebration

Shan New Year was celebrated Nov. 17 this year.  It is on a lunar calendar and is now the year 2104.  So this year at Thai Freedom House we got to celebrate 5 New Year Days!  The traditional Western Jan. 1, then the Chinese New Year, Thai New Year and finally the Shan New Year; […]
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My volunteer experience at Thai Freedom House

I knew from the first day that I arrived at Freedom House that 3 weeks would not be enough for me. The feeling in that space is amazing both during the day within the Café and at night in the school. On the first night I didn’t know what to expect when the children arrived, […]
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Thai Mother's Day 2009

In Thailand Mother’s Day is celebrated on the current Queen’s Birthday, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, August 12.  Since Thai culture and tradition is part of the curriculum at Thai Freedom House and the kids really never get to show their appreciation to their mothers for all of their hard work, we decided to have a […]
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Guest Blogger Dennis Guikema : Interview with our Director!

I stumbled across the Thai Freedom House when on a short walk only a few blocks from my guesthouse in Chiang Mai. I was drawn in by a small chalkboard that both touted their mission of serving refugee and indigenous communities as well as advertised the small café that helps to fund the program. I […]
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How to start your internship in a ‘spiritual’ way

-Pick your chores checklist-Take a good look at what you’ve got: with paper in hand, consider the tasks you’ve written on your chores checklist so far. – -What supplies are needed to complete this task? Will double the amount of supplies be needed to be most efficient?, etc.-Consider the details-One more thing… Aim for improvement, […]
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Volunteering during the rainy season!

When stepping into Freedom House you cannot help but sense you are in a supportive and caring environment. That is certainly what I felt when I first stepped through this Thai style house, nestled within a cozy part of Chiang Mai’s inner moat area. The house itself has a community spirit, with every inch of […]
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