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Volunteer Work in Thailand at Thai Freedom House

If you are looking for volunteer work in Thailand then why not consider volunteering at Thai Freedom House. Unlike most charitable organizations in Thailand we are not associated with any government organization or religious group. We exist on private donations and help from people like you volunteering and contributing to a positive future for the communities we take care of.

A Unique Volunteering Opportunity

Volunteering in Thailand is becoming increasingly popular. There are a number of things you can volunteer in Thailand for, including working with orphans, teaching, caring for elephants and a variety of conservational initiatives.  Quite often volunteer work in Thailand doesn’t always turn out to be the adventure you expect it to be. As someone speaking from experience I know it can be expensive, limiting and formal at times– depending on where you volunteer of course.

For these reasons, when I developed the volunteering in Thailand program at Thai Freedom House, I wanted to make it as rewarding as possible. You will have the opportunity to teach, plan workshops, assist in our café, plan fundraisers and establish great friendships with a diverse mix of people from all walks of life. We open up the door for you to explore your own potential and contribute ideas in your own unique way. We do expect you to work hard when required, but we also want you to soak up the culture, learn your way around the city and have a great time, too.  Thai Freedom House is a calm and positive environment to work in with plenty of smiling and fun times.

Gap Year? Career Break? Why Not Volunteer in Thailand – Chiang Mai

Volunteering in Thailand is a great way to spend your gap year after college or to do something completely different while on a career break. We are based in Chiang Mai, widely considered as one of the best cities in the world to live. Situated in the foot hills of the Himalayan mountain range, Chiang Mai is blessed with fabulous markets and adorable people. The city boasts all modern day amenities coupled with amazing temples and serene countryside.

A Beautiful City With an Ugly Secret

Unfortunately, amidst the sunny days and ancient city walls are communities of indigenous people and Burmese refugees suffering because of societal exclusion and political status. At Thai Freedom House we work ardently to help these people have better education, healthier diets, adequate clothing and generally better lives.  If you want to volunteer in Thailand, we would love you to come and join us to make a positive difference to the children and adults we support.

Volunteer Donation Fees and Breakdown of Program

When you volunteer with Thai Freedom House there are no agency fees to pay or middle men taking a cut. What we ask for is a set donation that covers all your accommodation expenses and contributes towards the essential costs of the Thai Freedom House community learning center. So, essentially you get to volunteer for free in Thailand.

Minimum donation for volunteers who wish to find their own accommodation, this includes the Pre-Trip Orientation and an intense orientation upon arrival:  $350.00 USD

If you would like to be hosted by Thai Freedom House through our volunteer program, you will receive the following:

Pre-Arrival orientation. The Thai Freedom House volunteer packet has loads of information to help get you familiar with our program before your arrival in Thailand, including a cultural orientation and what to expect upon arrival.  It also gives you a glimpse of what daily life volunteering here will be like.

-Pick up and transfer from the airport/train or bus station.  You will be greeted by staff or volunteers from Thai Freedom House who will bring you to your accommodation.  Look for your name on one of those funny airport greeter signs. We do ask that you arrive to Chiang Mai during Mon-Fri to enable us to pick you up.

-A private guesthouse room with hot shower, western toilet and fan; basic accommodation in the middle of the “old city” of Chiang Mai, inside the moat that is a central hub for travelers life, local culture, markets, temples, cheap eats, coffee and internet shops and nightlife.

-Coffee or tea in the Thai Freedom House office and a delicious, local, vegetarian lunch provided that is lovingly prepared in our charity café.  You will typically eat with the Free Bird Café staff and are free to bring in your own snacks or take a walk on your break to pick up fresh cut fruit or other items on the street nearby.   For dinner, you are on your own, I think you will find eating out in Thailand very enjoyable and affordable, you can have a delicious meal for a dollar or two (there is a popular cooked and fresh food market around the corner from your guesthouse).  If you want to eat western food it is easily available although a bit more expensive than Thai food (also around the corner).

-A Thai culture and language introduction.  You will learn how to pronounce the basics for how to get around, if you would like to continue your studies, we can recommend a local teacher for private lessons.

-An orientation tour of Chiang Mai to get your bearings.  You will be brought to one of the famous temples in Chiang Mai and shown the culturally appropriate way to behave in historical or religious sites and have a chance to ask questions about local sites.  You will also learn how to use public transportation.

-A trip to the local market to explain the various types of food that you might not be familiar with and how they are used in Thai cooking.

-Use of a bicycle for transportation around the city.  Public transport is readily available and cheap in Chiang Mai but your guesthouse will be quite close to our office and you may want to use the bicycle for coming to work and getting around the city in your free time.

-You will receive an orientation about our organization and the current situation in Burma, information about our students and why our services are needed and what life is like for them in Thailand.  You will then discuss and develop an individual project to complete while volunteering/interning with TFH and a time line for completion with a director.  You will also receive other orientations specific to your duties at TFH such as social media management, marketing and product design, charity café support, management of charity donation center, accounts management, etc.

-We have two desktop PCs and a printer for volunteers to work on in a well supplied office full of resources and materials with free wifi in the entire building.  You are welcome to bring your own laptop as the two computers are often not enough and you may be more comfortable to work on your own computer.

-Upon arrival you will receive a Thai SIM card for your local use.  You may place international calls with it but it is quite expensive to do so and you can always use skype in our office.  Chiang Mai has many hotspots for free wifi and you won’t have a problem communicating locally or with friend and family at home.

-24 hour emergency assistance and peace of mind.  If you choose to volunteer through our organization you will have the security of being able to call an English and Thai speaking person at any time if you need help or are ill.  With over 8 years of managing volunteers through our program we have the experience to help in just about any situation.  We do however recommend that you purchase your own travel, medical and accident insurance, medical care is much cheaper than in the West but you may not want to take any chances.  Additionally, if someone at home needs to contact you in an emergency, they can also call the 24 hour hotline.

-Above all, you will receive first hand experience of what it is to operate a small, grassroots organization from the ground.  Our work is directly affecting the people in our community every day and is very inspiring, fulfilling and rewarding.  You have a chance to develop real relationships with the people you are serving and get to know them and their lives personally.  You also get office and administrative experience that you wouldn’t get anywhere else as everyone here contributes in a very real and useful way.  You will be able to use this experience in all aspects of your life and on your resume and CV in the future.  Learning how to work and cope and accomplish goals in a developing country is a great skill and developing lasting relationships with our students and other volunteers is a heartwarming incentive to come and work here.

-Competitive program:  I think you will find that our donation fees for accommodation and hosting are quite reasonable and are there to help support our project and to ensure that you have a safe and productive time volunteering with us.  Remember, choosing to be hosted by Thai Freedom House means that 100% of your donation goes towards keeping our doors open and services available to hundreds of Thai minority peoples and refugees from Burma.

Volunteer Donation Fees for 2014:

3 weeks: 1,750USD

3 months:  3,250USD

6 months:  4,900USD

additional week: 295USD

If these fees don’t make sense to you, please consider the fact that while the price of your accommodation remains the same for us each month, your value as a team member increases the longer you are here and the less training and supervision you need daily as you will be prepared to work on your independent project.

Half of the total donation for your intended placement is due one month before arrival and the other half before the first day of your orientation or day of arrival, please plan for this as we use your donation fees to reserve your room and make preparations for you.  You can make the donation through our secure, online server.

Please read our FAQ section for details on how to apply.

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