Future Plans

Future Plans of Freedom House

Since opening officially in October of 2006 we have achieved a lot but as we continue to grow so do our goals. We have opened young adult classes (12 and up) in English and Thai language at the school in addition to our children’s classes (ages 5-12). We would like to open a Refugee Technical Training center for teenage Burmese Refugees to teach them a skill that they can use to make money, for example; woodcarving, sculpture, photography, information technology and other skills such as baking that can help them get a legitimate job. At this moment we can only do short term training workshops when we have volunteers with special skills.

Another important goal of Freedom House is focused on the Refugee and Hill tribe families, we would like to have weekly Sunday outings for families to nearby waterfalls, parks and attractions like the zoo so that the children get a chance to see their parents in an informal setting without the stress they are usually under. This will be possible when we get enough funding to purchase our own vehicle and staff a driver (most of the attractions around Chiang Mai are free to enter). At this time we can occasionally have one of these outings when a volunteer sponsors it.

Unfortunately the key to achieving all future goals lies in receiving adequate financial contributions on a regular basis. If you would like to help us continue our current programs and keep growing, please think about donating today. You can make a one-time donation using our secure server or set up a longer-term bank draft, just email me to set it up at lisa@thaifreedomhouse.org

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