Off-Site Learning Project

The Off-Site Learning Project

Many in the community that we wish to serve find it uncomfortable or impossible to go to the community learning center to learn.  They may feel they are “too old for school” or the owner of the construction camp that they live in may not allow them to leave in the evenings.  For whatever reason, these people still want to learn, mainly Thai language since that is where they have found themselves and cannot guess when they will be returning to their homeland.  In these cases I receive a request from a group in the camp for a Thai teacher to visit them two to three evenings a week and teach them Thai language, reading and writing.  Thai Freedom House supplies the teacher, (who we have to pay due to the circumstances and difficulty involved in teaching in such conditions) materials and supplies in these cases.

Because of the tiring nature of their work, both at the construction site and when they return to camp (washing clothes, carrying water, cooking, cleaning and caring for their children) we limit class to one hour, two to three times a week.

In these cases we also do an assessment of the community to see in what other ways that we can help them.  We often deliver second hand clothes from our collection center or mosquito nets or whatever else they express a need for.  Sometimes they need translators to go with them to the doctor or clinic, in those cases we try to find a Thai volunteer.

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