Anone is a 14 year old boy from Shan State, Burma. His family moved to Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand about three years ago, looking to escape the harsh treatment of the Military Regime in Burma and trying to make a better life for themselves.

He loves to swim and play in the water as he did when he lived in his small village in Northern Burma but his father does not allow him to now that they are in Thailand as there is nowhere safe for him to swim. He also likes to build things and play on computers which he gets a chance to do at Freedom house.

Anone often feels lonely in Chiang Mai, he misses his small village where he could run around and play with friends freely without worrying about being arrested for not having an I.D. card. He says he would like to see many things in Chiang Mai that he has heard about but his family is too afraid to travel around for fear of arrest or detention by the Thai authorities.

Right now he is quite happy to be able to study English at Freedom House as it gives him many opportunities that he would not have otherwise, it also gives him something to look forward to all day while he is at home taking care of his house.

He is home all day in their tin shack which is built in a small slum area behind a temple with his younger brother (who also studies at Freedom House) and older sister (who is often at work, she is 16) as his father is off working at a construction camp from 8am-5pm (unless he has to work overtime) and his mother is living about 30 minutes away as a house maid, she gets to come home one day a week to visit.

He has very clear goals about his future, he would like to be an astronaut and make a lot of money to build a new house for his family in Burma. He has a lot of family still there and he worries about them and their financial situation.

Anone realizes already at his young age that many things in life are temporary and you should appreciate them while you have them that is why he is trying hard to study English while he is at Freedom House because he knows one day he might have to move away again or Freedom House might not always be there. He hopes that many people will help Freedom House stay open so he has a chance to learn there for a long time.

(Anone told this story to our local Shan volunteer, Apple who translated it to English).

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