Higher Education

Coordinator: Lisa Nesser
Support staff/volunteer: We rely heavily on short and long term volunteer for this project. We require highly skilled volunteers who can tutor our young adult students in specific subjects to prepare them for University or vocational programs.

Our mission is to identify the leaders and changemakers in our community who strive for higher education and to support them however possible to achieve their goals.

Target Group
The young adults in Thai Freedom House’s Language and Arts, Language Project that have shown themselves to be leaders in the community. The students that strive towards higher education and have plans to be the change makers in the new Burma, whether they wish to be involved in politics, education, health care, civil society or business.

We support, mentor and tutor our students that wish to join our partner projects where they can work towards secondary school certification even though they have never been enrolled in formal schooling. They require intense, often one on one or small group tutoring to help them learn as quickly as possible.

Ongoing/Current Needs
We are always looking for short and long term volunteers with teaching and mentoring experience. Sometimes it is for general education and sometimes it is for specific subjects and the hours per week vary according to our current needs.

We currently have no budget for this project, we fundraiser or seek scholarships for students on a case by case basis. They require a lot of support to attend University or Vocational trainings here in Thailand as they need to apply as ‘International’ students and pay higher fees for English programs as they are not currently allowed to attend in the Thai programs.

Future Projects/Aspirations
It is a big dream, but in the future we hope to be able to provide scholarships for our most highly motivated students. We get to know them well and are here to provide a support system for them as they study. We would like to assist them as much as possible because their dreams are also big.