Volunteer Fees & Breakdown of the Program

When you volunteer with Thai Freedom House, your volunteer/intern fee contributes towards the essential costs of the operation and the maintenance of Thai Freedom House. Your donation fees go towards keeping our doors open and services available to hundreds of the Thai minority peoples and refugees from Burma.

We have two hosting programs to choose from. Once you have decided which is best for you, fill out our Volunteer Application form.

Option 1: Independent Volunteer

Minimum donation for volunteers/interns who wish to find their own accommodation, or are already living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This includes the Pre-Trip Orientation and an intense orientation upon arrival.
This fee is required for any volunteer wishing to get involved with our organization.

Total Donation: $350 USD

Option 2: In House Hosted Volunteer

This option is for those who would like to be hosted by Thai Freedom House. We realize that there are many volunteer placement organizations offering opportunities for volunteering in Thailand but we are unique in that we have created our own, in house program to fulfill all of your needs and support you to have the best experience possible. We have over 10 years experience hosting volunteers and interns and have paid close attention to the challenges that volunteers come across while being hosted by others, we can confidently say that we have filled in the gaps of other programs, making ours the best choice.

In many programs, you are herded through on a for-profit basis, the companies don’t have a real interest in your personal experience, but when you are hosted in our program, 100% of your fees go to helping support us and we are personally available to you from before you even arrive, guiding you through the process, making sure you are comfortable, secure and confident and that when you leave, you are taking home new skills and experiences that will last a lifetime.

You will receive the following:
++ Pre-Arrival Orientation:

  • Our volunteer pack has loads of information to help get you familiar with our program before your arrival in Thailand, including a cultural orientation and what to expect upon arrival. It also gives you a glimpse of what daily life volunteering/interning here will be like.

++ Pick up and Transfer from the Airport, Train or Bus Station

  • You will be greeted by our staff or volunteers who will bring you to your accommodation.
  • We do ask that you arrive in Chiang Mai during Mon-Fri so that we can pick you up.

++ A Private Guesthouse Room:

  • Includes hot shower, western toilet, a fan or air con, a desk, dresser and small balcony with 24 hour security.
  • Your accommodation is in the middle of the “Old City” of Chiang Mai, inside the moat—a central hub for travellers, local culture, markets, temples, cheap eats, cafes, and nightlife.

++ Free Lunch Provided:

  • A delicious, local, vegetarian/vegan lunch lovingly prepared in our charity cafe.
  • Dinner not included (there is a popular cooked and fresh food market around the corner from your guesthouse where you can eat for a few dollars a day and get to explore the local eateries).
  • Western food is also easily available, although slightly more expensive (plenty of variety within walking distance to your room).

++ A Thai Culture and Language Introduction:

  • We will provide you with conversational Thai lessons and vocabulary for getting around the city. If you would like to continue your studies, we can recommend a local teacher for private lessons.

++ An Orientation Tour of Chiang Mai:

  • We will take you to one of Chiang Mai’s famous temples and show you the culturally appropriate way to behave/dress in historical or religious sites.
  • We will also give you information on using Chiang Mai’s public transport.

++ A Trip to Local Market:

  • We will take you to a market and explain the various types of food that you might not be familiar with and how they are used in Thai cooking. You will see some interesting fruits and veggies!

++ Bicycle Provided:

  • You are provided a bicycle for your convenience, many people use that as their main form of transport in the city.

++ Resources and Materials Provided:

  • There is a computer and a printer for volunteers/interns to work on in a well supplied office.
  • Our office is full or resources and materials for you to use should you need them.
  • Free wi-fi available.

++ Thai SIM card Provided:

  • Upon arrival you will receive a Thai SIM card for your local use. You may place international calls with it but it is quite expensive to do so, and you are welcome to use Skype in our office.
  • Chiang Mai has many hotspots for free wi-fi and you won’t have a problem communicating locally or with friends and family at home.

++ 24 Hour Emergency Assistance:

  • You will have the security of being able to call an English and Thai speaking person at any time if you need help or are ill.
  • With over 11 years of managing volunteers through our program we have the experience to help in just about any situation.
  • We do recommend that you purchase your own travel, medical and accident insurance before arrival.
  • If someone at home needs to contact you in an emergency, they may call the 24 hour hotline that we will provide.

++ Post- Arrival Orientation:

  • We will provide you with an orientation about our organization and the current situation in Burma.
  • We are here to answer all of your relevant questions about our organization, Chiang Mai and local culture.

++ Genuine Relationships:

When you volunteer with us, you are sure to develop genuine, real relationships with members of our staff and community, allowing you a unique insight into local culture.
You are working hand in hand with our founder and long term staff, gaining invaluable exposure to the inner workings of a small, grassroots organization.

Volunteer Fees for 2016-2017 (applicable only for those choosing Option 2):

  • 3 Weeks: $1,750 USD
  • 3 months: $3,250 USD
  • 6 months: 5,200 USD
  • Each additional week added to the options above: $320 USD

Note: Half of the total fee for your intended placement is due upon acceptance into the program and the other half is due one month before your arrival. Please plan for this as we use your fees to reserve your accommodation and make preparations for you. You can make your payment through Paypal on our secure, online server. You do not need to have a paypal account, just click the “Buy Now” button below and follow the directions.

Please read our FAQ page before submitting an application to volunteer or intern with us.