Welcome to the Thai Freedom House Volunteer/Workshop Proposal/Internship Program application process.

Please complete this form and upload it along with other required documents (listed on page 3 of this application form), after you have read the Thai Freedom House’s FAQ’s page.

Incomplete applications will not be considered, correspondence without having first filled out the application will not be responded too.

Note that all fields are required unless otherwise noted. Thank you!

Please provide two references (personal or professional)

Referee one:

Referee two:

The writing sample can be course work, personal writing, content for a blog or other published or non published work. This is used to get an idea of your level of English proficiency and writing style.

Please make sure these files are .doc .docx .odt .pdf or other valid text formats. .txt will not be accepted.

When you arrive you must provide a copy of your passport and sign this document.

Application will not be accepted if not completed in full