Yoga and Meditation

Coordinator: Lisa Nesser

Support Staff/Volunteer: Fluctuates based on availability of current volunteers.

There have been many recent studies about how meditation for children helps them cope with daily stress. Our students suffer extreme stress stemming from poverty, household upheaval, dangerous living conditions, alienation from their culture and identity and daily exposure to racism. Meditation and yoga can give them a beautiful way to release some of that pressure, clear their minds and build self confidence, self love and mental and physical strength.

Target Group
All of the students enrolled in our daily community learning center, an average of 50 students per 3 month term, aged 8 to adult.

To provide the skills and training for students to develop a healthy lifestyle, problem solving skills and self reliance through yoga and meditation that they can do at home and share with others in their community.

Ongoing/Current needs
Skilled yoga teachers that are professionally trained in working with children and teaching meditation techniques.

We have no budget for this project, we rely on volunteer teachers from local yoga centers and yoga mats and materials that have been donated.

Future Projects/Aspirations
We would love to employ a yoga teacher trainer to come to our learning center and provide free training to our interested adult students, so that they can teach in their community.
To hold weekly yoga classes, taught by a professional yoga teacher by donation at our center, increasing awareness of our work in the local CM community and raising some revenue for our projects.